Core’s extensive range of accessories and mobile handsets is continuously expanding

With the demand for mobile accessories at an all-time high, we have recently developed an impressive portfolio of our own products from charging cables to earphones, as well as offering a great range of mobile devices and spare parts.

The journey

Originally introduced in May 2015, the popularity and growth of accessories with our customers led to us developing our own Core branded accessories after only one year in this market. We continue to expand the Core family and bring more accessories and handset ranges to market.

Our product range

Offering over 250 product lines, we provide an extensive catalogue of accessories including audio, chargers, adapters, phone and tablet cases, screen protectors and in-car accessories. More recently, we have introduced both new and original graded handsets together with LCD screens for top handset brands, including Samsung and Apple.


All of our accessories are fully certified and compliant with all relevant EU and UK regulations.

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